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B2B Sales Outsourcing for

enterprise companies

We understand the challenges enterprise companies face when it comes to sales. From completing complex sales cycles, to Lead Generation and finding experienced talent to get the job done.

  • Are you struggling with recruitment?
  • Do you suffer from high employee churn?
  • Does this impact your sales and revenue?

Your product or services may already be established in the market, but without the time and resources to recruit quality sales people in-house, converting your amazing top-of-funnel activity into closed sales may be inhibited.

Whether you require assistance with lead generation, or campaign specific webinars, events, or qualification, we drive your activity and see them convert into sales.

                            Why consider our sales agency?

Our sales professionals understand the complexities of long sales cycles to sell high-value products and services.

We ensure that your pipeline is consistent and full of relevant Sales Qualified leads, allowing you to focus on closing business.

Particularly when entering a new market or territory, finding sales professionals with the right industry knowledge and language skills can be challenging.

We set up and manage your team for you and take on all the risk and responsibility of a new employee.

Sales outsourcing benefits for enterprise companies:

  • Reduced time, risk & stress compared to in-house recruitment
  • Sales representatives with language skills to support your new market entry
  • Expert guidance and Sales Consultancy support
  • Increased sales activity to create consistent pipeline
  • Recovered time to close business & hit targets
  • Scalable resources to suit your needs
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“Splitting the recruitment fee gave us a huge amount of protection against hiring the wrong candidate. Alongside this, having all of the training in place meant we had a plan to get any ongoing candidates up to speed even quicker than the first class, and having the new trainees selling our products in a live training environment really enabled us to see what they’re capable of, before transitioning into Bluechip”.

Mark Richardson – Customer Relations & Sales Lead