Inside Sales

Inside Sales - the most effective channel for most B2B SaaS sales

Sales methodologies have changed as much as the target buyers in recent years, particularly in B2B SaaS sales. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the 'authority' to subscribe to SaaS software solutions is often delegated to departmental heads and no longer controlled by CTO 'power buyers'.

Additionally, buyers of many SaaS services are tech savvy individuals seeking a fix to specific problems that do not need multiple face-to-face meetings and presentations to evaluate and decide which technology to purchase. They are keen to 'do things differently' and more than happy to take part in software trials and evaluations. And lastly, software vendors now pay particular attention to delivering great user experiences, online chat help and tutorials to ensure that users have a great experience during their initial engagement with a new SaaS service.

Buoyed on by a plethora of low cost digital marketing solutions, Inside Sales is without a doubt being adopted by more technology vendors than ever.

However... the utopic vision of a setting up a finely tuned Inside Sales team often turns sour through poor recruiting, campaign implementation, constant mentoring and training.

Excelerate360 have developed a unique process to rapidly set up Inside Sales campaigns, resourced by our own staff using the E360 High Performance CRM and tech stacks. Daily training and mentoring by our Inside Sales Manger ensures that the campaign stays fresh and delivers unparalleled results. This is a completely scalable service and is available is English, French, German and Spanish speaking countries.

Process: We use an integrated approach to Inside Sales, combining plain text email marketing & LinkedIn InMails as a forerunner to telemarketing. This approach provides significant benefits in terms of the number of warm conversations our callers have on a daily basis, the call-to-lead ratio is significantly improved, the time taken to generate a solid pipeline is more efficient and the quality of the conversations is higher.

All campaign groundwork performed through email marketing and LinkedIn InMails feeds directly into our CRM system so our callers can identify prospects that have engaged with an outbound message.

Data: A critical success factor for any campaign, we will work with you to align great quality contact data to your campaign from our own database or build high quality new data if required (additional costs applies).

Email Marketing: Through our internal content team we can create powerful and personalised high impact content. Combining this approach with the quality of our data we are able to consistently provide >21% open rate.

LinkedIn: Over the last 3 years we have been using LinkedIn to support our clients lead generation campaigns. LinkedIn provides a fantastic opportunity to reach out and engage with contacts that are difficult to reach through other marketing methods. We also find that we can find additional relevant contacts that we do not hold on our data file or cannot be procured from a data supplier. On average, for every 21 InMails we send we generate 1 lead for our clients.

Telesales: Our callers are business savvy lead generation experts with a strong sales background across the technology, people services and marketing industries. We pride ourselves in the experience of our team.

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