How are you keeping your sales team on track and focused?

How are you keeping your sales team on track and focused?

Whatever you’re selling, our world has changed.

Working from home, kids running around, my daughters wanting to show me their latest TikTok dance, furloughed friends playing Fifa all day and The Queen's Gambit calling you from Netflix to play just one.. more .. episode. As well as all that, it’s much harder to get hold of prospects, your cadence length has increased and you’ve no idea what a sales cycle is anymore. It’s difficult to keep yourself motivated, on track and focused, let alone a whole sales team.

As an outsourced sales company, our sales people are thriving. We’re securing numerous Sales Qualified Leads every week across multiple sectors. We’ve grown, adapted and even managed to start up a new division. This includes Talent Boost and Talent Create; “boosting” or “creating” a current or new salesperson or sales team.

We’ve grown as a company; using some of the ideas below to make sure everyone’s focused and on track. Most importantly we’ve been able to find, hire and mentor sales people with all levels of experience and backgrounds to consistently perform in a challenging environment. 

Corporate and Personal goals are one of the most important things you can do to keep a sales team on track. Otherwise, what are we working towards? For me, it’s imperative that all sales people understand what they should achieve and what’s expected of them. From the number of calls per day or meetings booked, to whatever gross profit target you’ve deemed necessary.

Too many people simply turn up, make the calls, leave at 17:00 and pay no attention to what the company’s working towards. Do they understand what it means to miss the target? How to get there? What outreach is required? If we draw a line in the sand of what’s expected, then it’s up to you to make sure there are no grey areas.

Personal goals. These are what are going to keep your sales team motivated and on track more than any corporate goal you can think of. Knowing what your sales person is working towards and actually helping them achieve it will mean more to them than anything else you can do. A new house? A new car? A holiday (maybe not right now)? Teaching their child to ride a bike? What is it that gets them out of bed in the morning?

We have come up with a great way of motivating our own sales team. We ask each of them to share a personal goal with us and in response show them how many top of funnel activities are needed to achieve what they want in life. You won’t believe how much better this works than simply saying “do more, get in earlier, work harder”. 

Results Driven.
Concentrate on the results; too many companies micromanage the life out of a performing sales team. How many calls this hour? How long were the pitches? How many coffee breaks have you had today? And there are a lot of other things going on at home. If you have clear goals set out and they are being hit think about what you actually want from them;

  • Do the targets need to be higher?
  • Can you show them a clear plan of how doing more will help them achieve their goals quicker?
  • Is there an option for them to progress in house, mentor or train others around them?

If they’re not looking for progression or more commission, or if they can’t adapt to what you’re asking, then maybe sales isn’t for them.

There’s no shame in finding out sales isn’t for you. In our experience, acting quicker is better for everyone involved, before they’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning or making up the numbers and you're spending every living second coaching and motivating someone that cannot be self sufficient. 

Have a plan.
It’s easy for sales people to get side tracked and whilst they might have the best intentions,  doing the same thing over and over again can become mundane. Especially to someone that’s not motivated or not working towards any goals.

With every sales role there’s a minimum level of outreach required or a certain expectation of performance but every now and then colleagues are going to socialise, talk about sports or the latest series they’re watching and how horrendous The Game of Thrones ending was. Building relationships within the team is something we certainly encourage, however, too much of this makes it easy to fall behind on targets. If your company converts at a rate of 100 calls per sales qualified lead, it doesn’t matter whether you make them in a day or a week. You still require 100 calls to book one Sales Qualified Lead.

 We have noticed that having a daily plan, like the below, has really helped to focus individuals and make them responsible for their own time. However, a plan without action means nothing. If small goals or commitments like this are not being achieved then how can they expect to hit their own goals?

“You never know what someone might be going through so be kind” is a very relevant and prominent quote at this time of our lives. There have been huge campaigns for people to talk and take care of their mental health and work/life balance is key. Make sure you have a conversation with someone before you decide to tear them down for not making enough calls, sales or working hard enough - it will go a long way.

As the great Zig Ziglar said:

“I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is a shambles”.


Author: Mitchell Allen - Sales Enablement Manager, E360 Sales Academy +44 7725 487354