More than ever, businesses should consider outsourcing sales

More than ever, businesses should consider outsourcing sales

This article seeks to highlight key benefits for outsourcing sales against traditional models. If they haven't done so before, we want to promote or entice people to talk about outsourcing. To be honest, we want to attract customers who might consider outsourcing sales. In the end, it can be as controllable as hiring a team and much lower risk.

Why now more than ever?

All businesses should consider Sales Outsourcing if they want to accelerate or recover from the difficult start to 2020. As a result of recent Covid-19 challenges, it could be key to help backfill sales quickly or build for the future. It offers flexibility, the ability to stop or double up immediately and fast access to an already existing infrastructure and known prospects.

Excelerate360 specialises in helping software, technology and B2B companies speed up their growth into the UK, USA and EU. Our model delivers faster benefits and lower risks than traditional recruitment. Within this blog, we highlight three key benefits to outsourcing and why this is relevant to businesses now more than ever!

Benefit 1: Ability to scale up and down sales resources/efforts

One of the main advantages of outsourcing lead generation, inside sales or field sales is the ability to scale up or down as required. Outsourcing provides flexibility that is difficult to achieve through a traditional recruitment model. In responding to challenging market conditions, employment contracts don't allow instant reactions but outsourcing does.

Excelerate360 supports businesses in different geographies and industries so we have a broad outsource ability. This means we can deliver valuable insights to improve lead creation and sales whatever the target campaign or market. The fact that we uniquely deliver all aspects of the sales cycle from strategy consulting through lead generation, inside sales, field sales and channel management means we understand what is needed in each aspect and can therefore deliver best of breed knowing what we would expect to excel in each discipline.

Our commercial models let businesses react immediately. For example, a short lead generation campaign could recover top of the funnel pipeline following Covid-19 or a new product launch needing an extra push to establish in a market..

We also find that companies struggling to maintain, recruit or find the right sales resource can benefit. Our salespeople work in teams, targeted together and benefiting from the experience around them. This helps avoid performance that can fluctuate in house - after all that training and support, a good rep can end up alone or in a small team without dedicated full time management, coaching or support. If they leave, it leaves you with a 2-4 month recruitment drive to replace and train and even more lost time rebuilding pipeline in what can be long term sales cycles.

Benefit 2: Help you test/target a new market or sector or territory

Traditional sales programs supporting new market entry are complex, expensive and often a lengthy process. Many businesses choose not to venture too far from what they know, as the risk of failure is too great. But, for new market, sector or territory development, outsourcing could be the best thing.

Outsourcing companies can spin up sales teams and campaigns to help test new approaches or markets. Outsourcing supports new product launches, finding new customers or understanding markets before full scale entry. It can support internal efforts with extra top of funnel activity. Plus you can compare baseline performance to your inhouse efforts.

By outsourcing , you benefit from the experience of a specialised sales company. This helps de-risk market entry by using ready built sales models, benchmark metrics and conversion ratios. You can then test your ratios and ensure commitment to a new product or territory is worthwhile.

Benefit 3: Focus, Acceleration and Expertise

Outsourcing to a specialist provider in sales delivers benefits beyond pipeline generation.

An external, focused, full-time sales or lead creation team have one objective. They only want to drive new business revenue or leads. They take the burden of prospecting, cold calling and new business delivery away from your day to day responsibilities. In turn, this helps your business focus on the important areas to drive company wide success.

At Excelerate360, we pride ourselves in being a partner rather than a service provider. We act as your team, like internal employees but with a commercial not an employment contract. Just ask our customers!

Excelerate360 offers an end-to-end sales service including strategy consulting, lead generation, inside sales and enterprise field sales. So If you are looking for a single provider to help own your entire sales cycle, we are the right partner for you. This unique end to end provision means we know what good looks like at each stage. This means we can deliver excellence across the cycle, or support in a specific area.

If outsourcing your sales is something you didn't think possible, why not arrange a call and we can help you determine if there is a fit.

Author: Liam Huskinson - Head of New Business Development
lhuskinson@excelerate360.comĀ +447590500732