Market Analysis

Market Opportunity Analysis

Our E360 Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA) helps clients that are in the early stages of planning a territory expansion to estimate the size and sales potential in a given territory. During the analysis we explore the competitive landscape, market segmentation, price sensitivity, market readiness and local industry trends. Our localised research includes interviews with industry experts, potential clients, industry associations as well as more traditional research methods.

The output from the MOA will help clarify the sales potential of launching a product in territory and, equally important, give a deeper understanding of the steps a client should take to ensure the launch it a success. This may involve localising marketing material, PR, launch events and the establishing the correct blend of business development and sales activities.

We strongly recommend that clients new to a territory engage in an MOA, as this can often save time and money at launch stage. The exact content of the MOA will varying depending on the specific requirements of our clients.


During the course of the analysis we will combine online research with ‘expert’ interviews. Our online research will include:

  • Competitors (small, medium and large)
  • Common language/messaging
  • Public domain white papers/publications
  • Industry associations/standards
  • Best practice, case studies
  • Gartner/Forrester findings where publically available

The during the interview stage, we will communicate with:

  • Our client’s founders and staff
  • Our client’s customers
  • Industry experts (through LinkedIn and our personal networks)
  • Potential customers (targeted as part of ‘market research project’)
  • Our Extended MOA includes a 3 months business development phase


The output from the above research will result in our Market Opportunity Analysis report that will include:

Market overview

  • Market size and growth, sectors, industry trends
  • Competitor profiling (direct and indirect), customer segmentation

Our recommended positioning and value proposition

  • Identified sweet spot (customer/company/technology/competition)
  • Messaging, product roadmap
  • Clarified sustainable differentiation
  • Business model, potential partners
  • Pricing validation, route to market
  • Next-step recommendations

Following delivery of the MOA, we would suggest a meeting between the E360 team and your team to discuss the report further and answer any outstanding questions.

At this point, E360 will be able to make recommendations in terms of relevant sales resources for us to deploy on your behalf, plus a pricing structure and strategy for the territory. We should also have a good idea of the expected sales results / ROI that could be achieved as a result of this.

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