Check Out This Periodic Table of Tech Startup Funding

Check Out This Periodic Table of Tech Startup Funding

I’m a huge science nerd. Despite my decision to go into this lucrative and glamorous writing career, I’ve always had a propensity for engaging in science lab work and nerding out while visiting any kind of science institution (be it a museum or some prominent professor’s lab). For this reason, I get irrationally excited when science gets blended into everyday topics or seemingly unrelated things. CB Insights managed to blend a couple of my interests into one, by creating a periodic table of tech startup funding.

Officially called “The Periodic Table of Tech”, the infographic shows the key figures involved in the world of tech startup funding. From major venture capital firms (like Sequoia Capital) and micro VC firms (such as 500 Startups) to notable accelerators (Y Combinator) and leading tech acquirers (e.g., Google), the table serves as a guideline for startups wanting to look at the various major funding options they can consider pursuing.

According to the post by CB Insights, the goal is to keep this table of tech startup funding largely akin to the design of the original Periodic Table of Elements, so, while there may certainly be some other significant figures involved in venture and M&As, the aim is to keep it to 118 entries. Check out the full periodic table of tech startup funding below:


The Periodic Table of Tech (via CB Insights)

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