E360 Sales Academy – Blue Chip testimonial

Blue Chip initially engaged Excelerate360 (E360) to provide an outsourced sales service delivering consistent, quality opportunities into their pipeline. Blue Chip needed to drive more new business and key to this was finding a partner with the capability and experience to provide a dedicated sales resource to prospect new clients and confirm opportunities for their sales team.

Having worked successfully together for a number of years (including putting an internal team through the 360talentboost immersive sales training programme), Blue Chip wanted to develop a sustainable flow of sales talent into their business and asked E360 to help. The 360talentcreate programme enabled them to challenge the  traditional recruitment model and remove the risks of hiring salespeople. This allowed Blue Chip to provide potential candidates with a new career in sales, grow their existing team of high performing sales people and achieve increased revenue targets for 2021.

“Excelerate360 recruited a new team of four Business Development Executives for us and whilst we were involved in the second round of interviews, it really saved us a lot of time and energy, finding and interviewing a huge amount of candidates”.

Whilst first round interviews were taking place with potential candidates, E360 and Blue Chip worked together, putting in place the necessary training and on-boarding enabling a fast start for the new candidates to start prospecting and working on practical training.

“Within just a couple of months, we’ve already seen the benefits of the Sales Academy with a number of prospect customer meetings booked and sat, ready for our sales team to develop into valued new customers”.

As well as finding and training the new candidates on behalf of  Blue Chip, the 360talentcreate programme allowed for a split recruitment fee, with the second half due once the Blue Chip signed off on each recruit at the end of the training period. Reducing the risk of traditional recruitment models.

E360 provides a weekly report consisting of candidate outreach, conversions, platforms used and areas of improvement, so that Blue Chip  has physical evidence and a genuine scalable sales formula for future recruits or internal benchmarks.

“Splitting the recruitment fee gave us a huge amount of protection against hiring the wrong candidate. Alongside this, having all of the training in place meant we had a plan to get any ongoing candidates up to speed even quicker than the first class and having the new trainees selling our products  in a live training environment really enabled us to see what they're capable of, before transitioning into Bluechip”.

“Blue Chip’s long-term plan is to grow the sales team and what better way to do this than at ground level with E360 nurturing and developing our potential new candidates. Once they join Blue Chip in the future, they’ll already have the necessary skills and experience to hit the ground running and take the next step in their career with Blue Chip”.
Mark Richardson - Customer Relations & Sales Lead.

Please contact Mitchel Allen on mitchallen@excelerate360.com or +44 (0)7725 487 354 for further information.