Our Clients

E360 love working with a wide range of clients in different sectors to help them achieve sustained growth into new territories. Our work is often undertaken confidentially where, to the outside world, our team are branded as employees. The logos below represent some of our clients that are less ‘shy’ about publicly endorsing us, but we are very happy to confidentially share our success stories in more detail.

How did we do?

We like to think our results speak for themselves, but a few of our successes are listed below:

SaaS platform: In first 3m - 84 MQLs, 26 online demos, 4 sales completed, ROI 1100%

Storage solution: £5m pipeline, key distributor signed, 4 resellers engaged within 4 months

SaaS platform: $12m TCV delivered over 3 years with 4 Enterprise Sales Execs, 350% ROI

Enterprise software: major logo wins, $650K ACV and $2m pipeline in first 12m, 300% ROI


Can we help you grow?