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The challenges of rapid growth

How vendors riding the latest wave often lose out to local competitors Congratulations! You’ve made the big time. You are riding this great new tech wave. The Board is happy with your rapid growth. Competitors are trailing in your wake. Is this your perfect scenario? Often, CEOs looking back at this period recognize that this…
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Future gazing is complex at the best of times and no more so than following the vote by the UK to leave the EU – politics blending with economics in a stark way. While we’re not experts or fortune tellers, we do so much business across borders that we feel it’s important to track and…
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How to Survive In a Market That You’re Inventing

How to Survive In a Market That You're Inventing The paradox of business is that competitors are a tremendous asset. An existing market validates the very principle that customers are ready to spend. And when you have a competitor, you have a built in audience to target with messaging about your superior value. But the…
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