Future gazing is complex at the best of times and no more so than following the vote by the UK to leave the EU – politics blending with economics in a stark way. While we’re not experts or fortune tellers, we do so much business across borders that we feel it’s important to track and…
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How to Survive In a Market That You’re Inventing

How to Survive In a Market That You're Inventing The paradox of business is that competitors are a tremendous asset. An existing market validates the very principle that customers are ready to spend. And when you have a competitor, you have a built in audience to target with messaging about your superior value. But the…
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UK Tech investment up 18% in Q1 of 2015

UK Tech investment up 18% in Q1 of 2015 Investment in UK technology companies saw a year-on-year increase on 18% in the first quarter of 2015, according to figures compiled by Ascendant Corporate Finance. The research reveals that £635 million was invested in the UK and Irish technology sector in the first three months of…
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